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Elder Law
Our firm has special expertise in elder law matters dealing with long term care issues.  Our objective is to assist you and your family in maintaining control of your financial affairs to maximize your comfort as you age in place.  We advise senior clients and their families, who face a wide range of issues such as asset protection, getting and paying for health care, housing alternatives, Medicare and Medicaid (Title XIX), and nursing home issues.  

Medicaid Applications
Our firm draws upon over 30 years of experience dealing with the Medicaid program when preparing applications for our clients.  We perform a thorough review of each application for eligibility prior to submission to the state Medicaid Agency (DSS) and assist family members to submit a complete application.  We work with your family to make sure your interests and assets are protected and properly spent down to ensure eligibility for Medicaid. After the initial application, our firm provides counsel and assistance with post award redeterminations, including administrative appeals. 

Probate Administration & Litigation
Our practice represents executors, administrators, individual & institutional trustees, conservators and guardians in all phases of administration in Probate Court matters, as well as contested matters in Probate Court, Superior Court, and the Appellate & Supreme Courts.  We pride ourselves in working closely with you, utilizing our broad based legal expertise to tailor a successful interdisciplinary solution to your case.    

Nursing Home Matters

Kevin Kelly & Associates, P.C. focuses on the needs of the elderly and of their families.  When it is not possible for an aging family member to remain at home, the transition to a nursing home can be a difficult and stressful experience, not only for the resident, but for his or her family.  We assist in the review of nursing home admissions agreements, ensuring that unnecessary financial burdens are not borne by the family.  In the event of a debt owed to the nursing home by the resident, we work to ensure that the nursing facilities do not improperly pass those debts on to you.  At Kevin Kelly & Associates, P.C., we represent the resident and family at all phases of the process, ensuring peace of mind that your legal needs will always be met.

Estate Planning
We believe that proper estate planning is an essential element of your overall financial plan and its success.  A well-designed and implemented estate plan can provide substantial estate tax savings while also accomplishing other important planning goals for you, your business, and your family.  Services that we offer include the preparation of wills, advanced directives, powers of attorney, and trusts, as well as business succession planning and special needs trusts.  Our practice understands your goals and tailors an individual plan designed to save you money, maximize the gifts and inheritance you leave to your family, reduce tax exposure and most importantly, provide you with peace of mind.  

Municipal Law
Our firm provides high quality & effective legal counsel to individuals, corporations, & municipalities in a full range of legal services from land use and affordable housing law, to tax appeals & foreclosures, to claims of police excessive force and false arrest.  Our successful counsel is grounded in our experience serving as Corporation Counsel and special counsel for municipal clients and as volunteer members of land use boards, as elected officials and as directors of civic organizations.  Our approach is simple:  utilize proven practical, common sense solutions, with an understanding of how government works to effect a winning strategy at a low cost.  We also counsel municipal clients in litigation and personal injury defense; employment law & personnel matters; Freedom of Information compliance; ordinance drafting & regulation enforcement; municipal charter interpretation; elections & referendum; and, administrative appeals.

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